Roof Marketing Website Design
Design for the Roof marketing website.
Shortlist App UI Redesign
Redesigning the Shortlist mobile app UI and UX for Ticketmaster Mobile Studio
Loop Mobile App—Architecture & Wireframing
Researching, mapping and wireframing a huge mobile app around a client's concept proposal.
Digital Physics Textbook
Designing a problem solving experience for a digital physics textbook.
Interactive web-based project for spotlighting projects that didn't need a resumé or formal education to happen
Roof App UX Design
Before designing the interface, the process of mapping a workable UX for the Roof mobile app.
Roof Mobile Icon Library
Branded icon library for the Roof mobile app
Medtraq Branding + Marketing
Logo + marketing designs for an iOT product designed to make hospitals safer.
Handmade Leather Bag
Self-designed and hand-constructed leather backpack.
Timeline Exhibition & Branding Project
A series of posters designed to brand the mock exhibition of a timeline installation in the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art.
Knowledge Map - James B. Hunt Library
A 24"x36" double-sided map exploring the environmental psychology behind a space within the James B. Hunt Library.
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